A Separate Medicare Benefit Category for Complex Rehab Technology

In the fall of 2009, an industry-wide project was initiated to separate Complex Rehab Technology (CRT) products and services from standard durable medical equipment products (DME) within the Medicare DMEPOS benefit.  The purpose of this initiative is to improve and protect access to CRT products and services for individuals with disabilities.

The products included in CRT are configured devices that require evaluation, configuration, fitting, adjustment or programming and include, but are not limited to configurable manual wheelchairs, complex power wheelchairs, adaptive seating and positioning systems, standing frames, gait trainers and other specialized equipment.

The goal of the project is to differentiate CRT from within the current benefit category by establishing separate and more applicable coverage policies, provider standards, payment policies and HCPCS codes (similar to the separation of Orthotics and Prosthetics within the DMEPOS benefit).  It will also gain recognition (and reimbursement) for the depth and cost of the services that are required to provide these products.  This initiative is spear-headed by a steering committee comprised of representatives from NCART, NRRTS, RESNA, AAHomecare, the Clinician’s Task Force and the United Spinal Association.   The initiative will require both legislative and regulatory changes.

For the latest position paper outlining the proposal, including issues with the current benefit, goals of separating CRT and an outline of the proposed changes to the benefit category, please

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