Braley to Sebelius and Berwick: Fix Competitive Bidding

Reiterating the letter signed by 166 economists/auction experts,

Congressman Bruce Braley (D-Iowa) expressed his “serious concern” about

the competitive bidding program. In his Oct. 25 letter to HHS Secretary

Sebelius and CMS Administrator Donald Berwick, M.D., Braley asks CMS to

make “certain changes” to the program before moving forward.

“Unless CMS makes the changes recommended by these experts,

I have doubts that the competitive acquisition program, as currently

designed by CMS, will achieve Congress’ original and continuing concern

of lowing costs while preserving quality,” said the congressman

referring to the economists’ letter. “I believe CMS should take

seriously the unanimous recommendations of this large number of

independent outside experts. CMS should take the time to make the

recommended changes to the DME competitive bid program to avoid

unintended consequences.” 

To read Braley’s entire letter, click here.


VGM commends both MAMES and VGM members for reaching out to

Rep. Braley and asking him to contact CMS regarding the economists’

letter. Please ask your congressman and senators to do the same. Visit

the VGM DC Link to send them an editable letter, requesting them to contact CMS.