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NCART: Register for Important National CRT Provider Financial Survey

CRT providers, please help us help you. As NCART continues to work to protect access to CRT, we need updated industry financial and operational information for our advocacy activities. And, we can’t get it without your help. To that end, we have commissioned the Saunders College of Business at the Rochester Institute of Technology (R.I.T.) in Rochester, …

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I’m Just a CRT Accessory Bill… Please Help Me Become a Law!

I’m just a Bill, yes I’m only a Bill, and I’m sitting here on Capitol Hill. We all remember hearing these words on Saturday morning from the popular Schoolhouse Rock “I’m Just a Bill”. Well “Bill” says he hopes and prays that someday he’ll become a law but hoping and praying won’t make the CRT Accessory Bill a law, …

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Save the KU Modifier!

The KU modifier was established to allow reimbursement from the UNADJUSTED fee schedule for accessories used on Group 3 power bases for dates of service Jan. 1, 2016 – June 30, 2017. Yes, I said June 30, 2017, and as of today the KU will be eliminated come July 1, 2017. What this means to you is the reimbursement rate for …

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