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As a U.S. Rehab member, you will benefit from our team of expert industry researchers put together to keep you updated on new regulations and compliance issues for the DMEPOS industry, competitive bidding, HIPAA, accreditation and other areas.

Our team are not only expert researchers, but also regularly attend industry events. They give you the knowledge and tools you need so that you aren’t facing any regulatory pressure on your own.

Conducting a Pre-survey for Accreditation

By Ron Turzy, VP of Complex Rehab, U.S. Rehab The words “We’re getting ready for our accreditation survey,” usually strikes fear into many health care providers. Often times, it can feel so overwhelming and stressful that it paralyzes the company for weeks, sometimes months. To help prepare and reduce that unnecessary anxiety, I suggest conducting …

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Prevent CMS from Reducing Payments for CRT NOW

The National Coalition for Assistive and Rehab Technology (NCART) is asking for your help in preventing CMS from reducing payments for Complex Rehab wheelchair accessories. Learn more about why NCART needs your help and what you can do to convince CMS to rescind this change in Complex Rehab wheelchair accessory coverage by visiting: We …

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Ever wonder what the National Ombudsman does?

VGM representatives and members prepare to testify before the Small Business Administration (SBA) and Office of National Ombudsman on June 25, 2014. VGM has recently been in contact with the Office of the National Ombudsman to discuss the effects Medicare policies like competitive bidding and audits have had on small business. This avenue seems to …

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