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Medicare Suppliers: Nov. 15-Dec. 31 are Important Dates…You Need to Know Why

By Ronda Buhrmester and Dan Fedor, VGM Reimbursement Specialists These dates should sound familiar for those dealing with the Medicare industry. It’s that time of year for open enrollment, which means if your company is currently enrolled as a participating supplier, now is the time to change your status to non-participating. Why is it important …

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Medicare Establishes Set Fees for Custom Cushions (E2609) and Backs (E2617)….and it DOESN’T Sit Well!

This is a heads up to those who provide custom cushions (E2609) and backs (E2617) to Medicare beneficiaries! The Jurisdiction B and C DME MAC has decided to develop set fees for these custom items and did this internally without notice to the provider community. As of today, DME A and D has NOT implemented this change. …

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