CMS Classifies K0005 Manual Wheelchair As Complex Rehab

CMS has classified K0005s as complex rehab beginning March 1, 2013. This means that if you plan on providing K0005s on this date or after you must have an ATP on staff who is directly involved in fitting and evaluation of this base.

The addition of the K0005 code to the complex rehab listing allows it to be kept out of the competitive bidding process.


Peggy Walker, RN

Billing and Reimbursement Advisor

US Rehab/VG


NCART Members,


On yesterday’s Open Door Forum call CMS announced that the ultra-light manual wheelchair code K0005 will be classified as “complex rehab”.  As a result, effective March 1, 2013 the provision of these wheelchairs will require the involvement of an ATP and be subject to other complex rehab supplier requirements.


A request to officially classify the K0005 manual wheelchair as CRT was made last year when NCART and the Clinician Task Force met with CMS seeking to get the K0005 exempted from Round 2 of Competitive Bidding.  In the intervening time a variety of supporting information was submitted to CMS and they conducted their own related research and outreach.  We thank CMS for this designation as it further delineates CRT products not just with Medicare, but also with other payers.


A MLN Matters article will be published shortly and the Medical Directors will be modifying the LCD and making other related changes.


Donald E. Clayback

Executive Director