CMS Release Bid Rates

CMS announces competitive bid rates for each CBA. July 1, 2010 CMS announces rates for each category and each CBA and publishes winning rates. In the next few days each provider who was successful in bidding will have the opportunity to either accept the bid or turn down the offer.

VGM`s NCBS Team is coming to your city prepared to discuss all aspects of the contracting period for the Competitive Bidding Program Round 1. As you learn your fate and weigh your options, the NCBS Team will help you get your game plan together. The agenda for this one-day educational event includes:

  • Contractual obligations
  • Contract evaluation
  • Subcontracting
  • Change of ownership
  • Marketing your contract
  • Legislative update

Additionally, attendees will be presented with a CD-ROM that includes: seminar handouts, a comprehensive contract evaluation tool kit, legal document templates, a legislative packet and much more. Here is the link to these class opportunity.

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