Deactivation of one of our members by the NSC for failure to respond to request

NOTE all members who faxed in the information for their back up authorized official to the NSC


PLEASE read the full letter you receive and send the original 855s  to the address requested. Please send this to the Overnight Mailing Address:

National Supplier Clearing House

Palmetto GBA* AG – 495

2300 Springdale Drive, Bldg. 1

Camden, SC  29020


I received information from one of our members that their NSC number was deactivated because of they did not respond to a letter requesting an original hard copy 855s to be after faxing over one for their back AO for the CB.


The NSC sent them a letter confirming the updated information but at the bottom of that letter they requested an original be sent so they could confirm the original signature and date.

Our member did not read the letter in full and did not respond with an original. They received a deactivation notice on March 12th.



Peggy Walker, RN

US Rehab/VGM