Documentation check offs suggested

Documentation Checklist Suggestions

There are many different audit or documentation checklists available throughout the industry.  The DME MACS each have a variety available on their websites.  We have found the most effective ones are those available on the DME MACS websites. These are the ones we use when auditing your claims.  We have made these available on our website as well to make it easier for our members to access.

Below is the link to the Jurisdiction C website for documentation checklists.  Remember these are what the review nurses will be using when they look at your claims. Also note, regardless of the Jurisdiction the documentation issues are the same.

For VGM-specific audit help tools go to www. under everything VGM, then Billing and Reimbursement.

The documentation checklist for PMDs is especially used with every review as it helps us not only keep track of the documentation needed but the dates received and completed.   Many denials are related to timelines and dates which are things we can control. 

If you would like a copy of the PMD specific checklist please-mail or

If you are having specific issues with denials contact the reimbursement team for additional assistance.


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