Due Today July 10, 2013: Form C

Competitive Bid contracted suppliers, have you completed Form C?  It is due today, July 10, 2013 for the second quarter.  This form is a must for contracted suppliers in Round 2 and National Mail Order.  The form can be found on the CBIC website at www.dmecompetivebid.com under Round 2/National Mail Order.   Failure to submit a Form C for CBA/product category combinations in your contract may be considered a breach of contract and result in termination for your contract.

The form needs to be completed for every product on a separate form.  It will also ask for manufacturers on the products, if a manufacturer is not on the list, then click on “add” and say “yes”.  Then the product name, number, HCPCS code, etc. can be completed.   You are required to provide data for the top HCPCS codes for each product category.  The required HCPCS codes are defined within the form.

The purpose of meeting this requirement is not for bidding purposes; data is over a year old at this point and many items are no longer available. 

When submitting forms in the future quarters, there is an option to utilize in Section III, No updates to the supplier directory.  The next deadline is October 10, 2013 which is 10 calendar days after September 30, 2013, end of third quarter.

ALL forms must be signed by a company official and sent either mail or fax to CBIC and RECEIVED by the CBIC by the deadline.