Every Penny Counts: Reopen CURES Act Adjusted Claims for an Additional 5%

The CURES Act adjustments are complete, and providers can submit a written reopening for affected accessories used on non-bid manual wheelchair bases (complex rehab) to receive an additional 5 percent. While 5 percent may not seem like much, it can add up, and in this reimbursement environment every penny counts.

When the affected accessories are used on the following bases, regardless of where the beneficiary resides, with a date of service between July 1, 2016, and Dec. 31, 2016, AND the claims have already completed the CURES Act mass adjustment (verify with a remittance notice), then proceed with the written reopening for the additional 5 percent.

HCPCS bases – K0005, K0009, K0898, E1161, E1229, E1231, E1232, E1233, E1234, E1235, E1236, E1237, E1238, and E1239

To recoup the money owed to you, please click on the links below for additional information from each DME MAC, and follow their specific instructions to submit the written reopening. The instructions include a list of the affected accessories and forms you will need.



Medicare DME Reopening Request Form

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