Gain Service and Repair Business at Nursing/Rehab Centers, Independent Living, and SNFs

By Ron Turzy, National VP of Complex Rehab Technology, U.S. Rehab

Here are three ideas to help stimulate conversations about your company with administrators, practitioners, and residents in nursing/rehab centers, independent living centers, and skilled nursing facilities.

As you know, the facility is responsible in some cases for providing DME and wheelchairs directly to the residents, but there still are opportunities to grow your service and repair business in these facilities (perhaps even some new equipment sales too!).

During my time at a regional complex rehab and mobility provider, we increased our service and repair business while holding down costs by focusing on repairs at these types of facilities. One of the main advantages was multiple repairs could be done by driving to one location, thus reducing travel times, cost of fuel, etc. while increasing our repair counts.

Three In-service ideas:

  1. Presentation to administrators, therapists, nurses and staff. Explain to them in 30 minutes or less what your services can do to benefit the facility and residents. Reinforce that you provide mobility and custom seating done by ATPs and what that means.
  2. Create a power wheelchair SAFETY presentation for the staff and, more importantly, for the RESIDENTS. The presentation should teach them the safe operations of their POWERED chairs and scooters. (This is on-going problem for residents and also causes injuries from people getting “run over” by drivers, sometimes to the extent of potential legal actions). The goal is to change behavior and reward the safe operation of power mobility equipment inside and outside the facility. We also printed safety certificates for those who passed our safe driving test) and included the residents’ names on the certificates. Maximum class size should be limited to 10 residents and run about 20-30 minutes.
  3. Presentation on wheelchair/scooter maintenance, repairs, and safety. Most facilities have maintenance people who are charged with doing very “basic” maintenance, especially on manual wheelchairs. We capitalized on this to teach them how to maintain wheelchairs and scooters to keep them in good working order. However, when the chairs broke down or needed parts, the facilities will likely call your company for the more detailed repairs on PWCs and scooters. Typically, this presentation is given to administrators, therapists, and maintenance staff and run about 40 minutes.

Click here for a sample of a marketing flyer for your sales staff to use to communicate this idea and grow your service and repair business. Contact Ron Turzy at 844-295-0264 or for more details on these ideas ,and also take advantage of our Labor-Tracker program to add even more incremental profit to your service and repair business.