Health Care Reform

What does this mean for me and my business?

The following are some of the main highlights from healthcare reform that will affect our U.S. Rehab members:

-First (slated to go into effect on January 1, 2011), the elimination of the first month purchase option for all Group 2 Power Wheelchairs will affect a large sector of our membership. It will most likely create some cash flow issues to start with. VGM is already reviewing solutions to this change in your business modeling.

-The Medical Device Manufacturers and Importers tax. This is not a direct tax on providers although it will for the most part trickle down the supply chain.

-Competitive bidding and the expansion of this program will be devastating to our industry. It has been recently referred to as "Suicide Bidding" and for good reason.

-Expansion of the Recovery Audit Contractor(RAC) program.

-Mandate for Physician ordered items to be placed by eligible professionals only, under PECOS.

-Authorization to apply a face-to-face requirement for all DME is left to discretion of Secretary of HHS.

Click here for a document that will give you a perspective on what other changes are out there and may not affect you directly, but will ultimately effect the cost of healthcare.

This link will give you more details on each issue involved.