Hurricane Sandy relief updates: website and call number for questions

Hurricane disaster relief a few questions answered.

1. You will use the CR modifier for replacement equipment of items lost or destroyed during any catastrophe.

2. Jurisdiction A is working up upgrading their edits to accept these claims and will notify the supplier community as soon as the internal edits have been turned on.

3. Waivers to allow for paper claim submission will be accepted and directions on how to handle these are to be sent out by NHIC within the next few days.

4. Internal edits will have to be applied to ease the burden of claims processing.

5. NHIC has set up their IVR system to specifically address your questions.

6. Will not send any revalidations to states affected by the hurricane until beginning of 2013.  Those that already received the revalidations and were affected by the need to contact NCS to work out details.

Jurisdiction A customer service : 866-590-6731

please refer to the web site “emergency” page at: This section of the CMS web site provides up-to-date FAQs and information for people with Medicare and Medicaid, and their providers with regards to natural disasters, extreme weather and emergencies.

Audit requests: respond with a letter explaining what has happened and ask for an extension so you can gather the documentation that they request.

If there is anything I can assist you with please call me at 800-401-3643.

Peggy Walker, RN

VGM/US Rehab