Jurisdiction B DME MAC Update: RAC E1028 Appeals

At the Jurisdiction B Council meeting held in January 2014, a RAC issue with HCPCS code E1028, was discussed and the following update was provided to the Region B Council. 

Tim Fickle, with NGS Medicare contractor for Jurisdiction B, spoke with the Recovery Auditor (RA) regarding the E1028 appeal concern that was discussed during the Jurisdiction B Council meeting January23rd. The RA has agreed that suppliers may send the RA related E1028 adjustments through the reopening process.

You will need to label the request as”RAC E1028 – review of overpayment.” When submitting the detail claim information, mark which claim line(s) you concur with the recoupment and which claim line(s) are in dispute. Additional medical record documentation will not need to be submitted for this review.

Contact Jurisdiction B contractor, NGS Medicare, to reopen this claim through internet portal Connex, phone 317-841-1307, or fax 317-595-4737

If you have further reimbursement questions, please contact US Rehab’s reimbursement team Peggy Walker at 800-401-3643 or Ronda Buhrmester at888-665-6518.