Jurisdiction C DAC needs help

Jurisdiction C audit task force needs your help. They have been working diligently with CGS on specific focus areas that can have the biggest impact in reduction of denials.  During collaboration discussions with CGS and audit task force meetings they have developed a narrowed focus to have an immediate impact on front end technical errors.

o   Proof Of Delivery-Any issues where CGS is not recognizing the documents we send in as valid proof of delivery.  These include missing them entirely, quantity issues, etc.

o   Detailed Written Orders-CGS not recognizing the DWO in the audit packets and cannot locate all the elements necessary.  Bigger issues now with WOPD requirements.

o   PAP Denials-Sleep study not signed, physician not certified to interpret, and any other PAP technical errors you are seeing.

If you have specific errors that the audit team can submit please contact  Laura.williard@advhomecare.org or peggy.walker@vgm.com  NO patient information – just dcn numbers and a brief statement of what has happened.