K0005 moving to Complex Rehab on March 1, 2013

Are you a provider that offers the K0005 Ultra-lightweight manual wheelchair?  Do you know that effective March 1, 2013 you must be a provider that employs at least one Assistive Technology Professional (ATP)? 

The K0005 manual ultra-lightweight base, per industry input, has been moved into the complex rehab category.  As of 3/1/2013 Medicare will require any supplier providing this base to be a Rehabilitative Technology Supplier (RTS).  An RTS must have an ATP (Assistive Technology Professional) on staff which means if you do not have an ATP on staff you will not be able to bill for these bases on or after March 1, 2013.

US Rehab has educational opportunities to help prepare qualified candidates to sit for the ATP exam.  Please contact US Rehab at 800-987-7342 for information on completing these classes.