KE and KY Modifiers

KE and KY Modifiers

When billing accessories on complex rehab base, the following modifiers need to be used:

  • Any accessory that could have been billed on a round one CB accessory must have the KE modifier.  
  • Any item that could have been billed on a round two CB accessory has to have the KY modifier and if it could have been billed on both a round one and a round two it has to have both the KE and KY modifiers. 

An example of both would be a lateral support or a head rest or even a lap tray. Many of these claims will have to have the 99 for more than 4 modifiers being used. 


Ø  If you are billing one unit such as headrest, the modifiers have to be NUKEKYKX

Ø  If you are billing something that has right and left modifier it has to be NUKEKY99 then in narrative              NUKEKYKXRTLT

Without the KE or KY modifiers, the contractors cannot identify that these are complex rehab accessories. Review the chart below, as it is an example chart from the DME MAC web site.

You can correct and rebill or call for a telephone correction. (at least that’s what we were told).


1.    Use the KY modifier whether you are in a competitive bid area or NOT, otherwise you will get a denial. 

2.    The KY modifier is a pricing modifier so it comes before the KX modifier.