Major Improvements to the Internet-based PECOS system

Pecos updates from CMS. These updates enhance the PECOS application process and makes for easier access for suppliers.

Major Improvements to the Internet-based PECOS system (201207-06)


Over the last year, CMS has listened to your feedback about Internet-based PECOS and made improvements to increase access to more information.  CMS is pleased to announce that the following upgrades are now available:


Access to More Information


The layouts of the Internet-based PECOS homepage and log in screen have been redesigned.  The homepage updates provide an easier way for users to register for a PECOS account and update personal information.  It also features additional helpful links to allow access to multiple tools and reference information.  The helpful links include PECOS enrollment tutorials, the Ordering and Referring List, and the Revalidation Notice Sent List.

•    Users will also now be able to see if their revalidation application has been received and processed by the Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC).  In addition to a “Revalidation Notice Sent” date, a “Revalidation Received” date and a “Revalidation Complete” date will be displayed on the My Enrollments page.  The “Revalidation Notice Sent” date and the “Revalidation Received” date will display on the My Enrollment page for 120 days.  The “Revalidation Complete” date will display on the My Enrollments page indefinitely. (At this time, the quickest way to see if a revalidation letter was mailed to you is to check the Revalidation Notice Sent List link on the PECOS homepage.  Later this year, a faster process will be used to update this information on the My Enrollments page.)

•    A reassignment report is now available for all organizations and individuals that are accepting reassignments.  The option to view this report is only available if the enrollment has current reassignments.  The reassignment report is accessible via the Application Questionnaire page and displays the following columns:

o    Provider Name,

o    National Provider identifier (NPI),

o    Current Enrollment Status,

o    Enrollment State,

o    Revalidation Notice Sent Date, and

o    Revalidation Status. 

The report displays up to 50 records on the report screen.  For reassignment reports containing more than 50 records, the authorized user will be prompted to download the report into an excel spreadsheet by clicking the Generate Report button at the bottom of the screen.