NRRTS Offers “Call to Action” Cards to all CRT Stakeholders

NRRTS one of the leading professional organizations in the complex rehab industry continues to fight the fight to build support for the separate benefit category. This monumental task has come a long way over the last 5 years and with the upcoming CELA/CRT conference coming up next the week of April 9th this is a great time to empower yourself to help make change.
Call to Action!
Let everyone know that they have the power to be agents of change.
Times are tough! We’re all facing seemingly insurmountable challenges. Access to appropriate CRT
– Complex Rehab Technology for consumers is threatened. Coverage policies no longer reflect the needs of the people who use CRT. Seating clinics are closing. Funding is decreasing while documentation requirements increase. The Separate Benefit Category for CRT under Medicare, House of Representatives’ Bill H.R. 942, is the best solution to most of these problems we face. For more information visit
Consumers, suppliers, clinicians and manufacturers – we’re all in the same boat as members of the Complex Rehab Technology community. We all have the potential to change the future of CRT by acting now!
1. Go to and sign the petition to urge your Members of Congress to support H.R. 942
2. Go to and send e-mail message to you Member of Congress in support of H.R. 942
Help everyone know that they can make a difference. Give them each a Call to Action card. Ask them to follow the two simple steps to contact their Members of Congress.
• If you’re a consumer – give one to each of your family members, friends and acquaintances.
• If you’re a clinician – give one to each of your colleagues and clients
• If you’re a supplier – give one to each of the consumers you serve and to each of your referral sources
• If you’re a manufacturers’ rep. – give one to each customer you call on and distribute them during your in-services
• If you’re an educator – give one to each of your students and participants in your educational programs.
BE CREATIVE! Give a Call to Action card to everyone and anyone you know who might be willing to help us realize our goal of continued access to Complex Rehab Technology for people with disabilities.
To order Call to Action cards, at no charge to you, go to
If you have questions or desire additional information e-mail