Packer Perspective

U.S. Rehab continues the fight to help our members with industry issues.   The U.S. Rehab team also takes a big role in supporting the industry organizations in the fight for consistency and fairness in complex rehab.


Peggy Walker and Ronda Buhrmester are the leaders of our Medicare reimbursement team.  They are here to help you and work with you if needed to increase your Medicare reimbursement efficiency.   We’ve developed many tools to help you prepare files and paperwork, which increases your efficiency.  


We’ve just sent the F2F marketing document to all U.S. Rehab and VGM Members. This piece describes the F2F information for each line of medical equipment, and the required documentation from the referral sources.  This should help clarify that it is not just you who requires the documentation; if payment is to be secured and retained you must have the proper documentation.  Look for your packet, and if you have questions, please call us at anytime.   We have made these brochures available through Off the Shelf Marketing for members only at a very cost-effective rate.  If you would like to review the documents and the information, click on the link below.

Medicare Quick Reference Guide Letter

Medicare Quick Reference Guide

Medicare Reference Guide Order Form


Peggy and Ronda are working on many audits and solving the backlog in audit appeals.   This week, Peggy, John and many members rallied in Washington to discuss the egregiously flawed system and the work that needs to be done.   This trip will point out the flaws in the audit systems and hopefully bring some key points to our leadership to help solve the backlog and damaging denials on technicalities that have nothing to do with medical necessity for the patient.  Peggy has and will continue to speak to medical directors and inside CMS staff to help point out that our industry is under siege by the audit contractors who have no real stake in working out the problems.


Thank you for the information on audits and issues we received from you. We had an overwhelming response and we want to thank you very much for your support of the industry and U.S. Rehab and VGM.   It is great companies like yours that have taken the effort to help make this industry better.   We are working hard with industry groups and leaders to prevent the continued attack on good providers.   We are here to make your voice heard and to help you overcome the adversity by pointing out the flaws in the current system and working for solutions.   We have a great team and good participation from you so thanks again for your support and efforts in our fight to keep the industry healthy and productive.