Packer Perspective: A Battle Won, But More to Fight

What a great way to start the summer with a win in Washington. It is always beneficial to our field when complex rehab is recognized as a separate entity with individually formed and fitted equipment. We have seen the ups and downs within the industry over the last five years. It is difficult to watch an industry succeed when it is embedded with so many issues, especially when we are deeply invested in this particular trade. Our investment is not only monetary, but it is also a people and provider ship. This means that we provide service and health solutions for complex users.

I want to thank Don Clayback for his continued leadership, as well as Tom Ryan. It has been great working with both of these men in order to advance the agenda for complex rehab. Although we are still puzzled about the inability to solve the ongoing competitive bidding issues, we will continue to fight the good fight. John Gallagher and his team at VGM are hot on the trail for a solution.

“Winning takes talent, to repeat takes character.” – John Wooden