Packer Perspective: Strive for Perfection


Perfection is sometimes seen as impossible. But if you are willing to review your path and modify the direction to achieve what you are working for, this will give you the best opportunity to strive for perfection.

We are in an ever-changing industry and it is sometimes changing daily and even hourly. This is what makes it even more difficult to stay on task and move in the right direction to strive for perfection.

U.S. Rehab is in your corner to help you strive for perfection and become the best you can be in the complex rehab industry.

U.S. Rehab has taken the time and spent the money to give you education in the industry that is second to none. We have ATP training and we are enhancing it monthly to make it the best available. We have taken Tech Training to the next level each year to help you train at a cost effective and intensive way.  This will give your techs the best educational opportunity and training in the most time-efficient manner.

We have pushed for outcomes for the last two years and are continuing to move in that direction. As seen at ISS, we are far ahead of the industry on this initiative.  Outcomes has been talked about for many years, but we are there this year with outcomes and measurements to make our industry better.   We are collecting scientific data that will be published by the end of the year. We are also preparing reports for some of those early adopters who have given us over 100 patient experiences already in the database.  The reports we have at this time are quite interesting as we can see statistically significant correlations on equipment that do save money in the system.  This is good change for our industry and those who have helped us get there. We are always bringing new FMA participants into the system. If you are interested, let us know if you want to participate and strive for perfection in our industry.

Labor Tracker is another program we have to help you strive for perfection, as it will help you manage your repair department. As specialized software system, it may be one more system to learn, but the end benefit can be significant – creating more revenue and efficiencies in your repair department. We continue to make enhancements to the program and are working to broaden its scope. Labor Tracker will also help us strive for perfection as we are being asked by research institutions for some of our data on how we are being paid for repairs and the time involved in making these repairs.  While the auto industry bills 90-plus percent of their techs’ time, the complex rehab industry only bills approximately 15-20 percent. We take this very personally and want to help you, our members, to become as profitable and efficient as possible. This is our commitment to helping you attain perfection. If you have any questions on Labor Tracker, please go to this site for more information or call Ron Turzy at 844-295-0264.

We are continuously striving to make your days easier with our Reimbursement Team and Dan Fedor. If you do not know him, please give him a call to introduce yourself, especially if you have questions on billing and reimbursement. Dan has worked in the reimbursement world for many years and understands billing and reimbursement at a very deep level. Please understand he is here to help you strive for perfection.

Humana is another win that can help you strive for perfection in your complex rehab business. Through Homelink and leveraging the FMA outcomes program, we were able to secure a fair-priced contract with a complex rehab carve out to give you in-network access.  The contract has been very successful as it was just turned on in the last few weeks.  We have had numerous referrals that are in the system and being processed for our U.S. Rehab members who are signed up and working with Humana.  To learn more about the contract, the fee schedule or to sign up to participate, go to

We are working  every day to give you better pricing levels, favorable contracts and operational help in your business. Please let us know if we can help you in any way and or would like to give us ideas for what we can do further to help you and your business. We are here to help you strive for perfection and make your days easier. Please give us a call or send us an email to let us know if you have questions or comments.

Greg A. Packer
President, U.S. Rehab