Packer Perspective: The Tipping Point

We are at a pinnacle point in the CRT industry. We are close to a tipping point where we could fall off of a cliff or be saved from it. Two major legislative issues that directly impact your business need your undivided attention: the potential for reimbursement cuts to CRT accessories and the House letter being sent to HHS Secretary Tom Price and CMS Administrator Seema Verma.

CRT Accessory Cuts

July 1 is quickly approaching. Our future may include reimbursement cuts to CRT accessories effective July 1. If Congress does not pass H.R. 1361 and S. 486 or take other action, Medicare will move forward with its plan to apply competitive bid rates to CRT accessories. This would mean that we will see another 30 percent or more drop in allowable amounts, limiting choice and access to medically necessary equipment.

We have heard verbal support for these bills. Now is the time for our representatives to act and sign-on! We need all hands on deck – providers, manufacturers, end-users, and industry advocates must do their part and contact their representatives to urge them to sign onto this legislation.

Three Easy Steps to Protect CRT

  1. Click here to review the list of current cosponsors to see if your congressional representatives have signed on to cosponsor. If your representative or either of your senators have not signed on, move to step 2.
  2. Send an email message to your representative by going to VGM Government Relation’s website. Enter your zip code and contact information to send a prepared email asking for support to our legislation.
  3. Follow-up with a phone call. Let your representatives know how this issue personally affects you and what will happen if the legislation is not passed. Click here for your representative’s contact information and a script you can use when talking with your representative’s office.

After you take action, please share this ALERT widely with your peers, associates, and anyone else who may be interested in emailing and/or making calls to their congressional members.

House Letter

We have until the end of the day TODAY to ask your representative to sign onto the House letter being sent to HHS Secretary Price and CMS Administrator Verma. The letter asks for needed improvements in Medicare’s DME policies and to stop inappropriate payment cuts to CRT wheelchair accessories.

Check the list of current signers here to see if your representative has already signed on. If they haven’t, you can send a pre-written email via the AA Homecare legislative action center here. Your message will help reinforce the urgent need to stop the July 1 payment cuts to CRT wheelchair accessories.

There are times when we can get discouraged with an apparent lack of progress. So, when I start to feel I need a shot in the arm to re-energize the passion necessary to keep fighting the fight legislatively…I watch this. Keep up the fight!

Greg A. Packer
President, U.S. Rehab