Packers Perspective

Welcome to September and another CMS delay on Face 2 Face.   Why is it that when CMS delays the implementation on a billing requirement, it isn’t clear that the enforcement will also not start until the date of implementation?  Hmm. Let me think how CMS will be able to say you’re not doing it right unless they muddy the waters.

I cannot believe our Congressional representation allows CMS to run rampant with this program.   They let them run loose with competitive bidding, and look where we are:  Making statements like if Texas Medicaid had used competitive bid rates, they could have saved more.  This smells of the adage “which came first, the chicken or the egg?” 

We’re in the middle of it with this program delay.  This F2F program is nothing more than a way to slow down payments and to pass the buck to the DME world.   The provider community is a great group of people and they provide a much needed service to our citizens.   Why is CMS trying to limit the amount of people who can do that with irrational expectations and out-of-control audits with unclear standards?  

In our arena, we have people who are very astute at billing and reimbursement. Why then do we have 60, 70 and 80 percent denials or higher in areas?  The water is not clear, and we leave too much to CMS to determine.   We have delay after delay and comment after comment period and CMS still has absolutely no understanding about what it takes to provide for the patients. 

We must continue to fight the fight and make our elected officials understand the irrationality of CMS.   We need to pass our patient complaints to People for Quality Care so they are heard by Congress as well as CMS.  In the CMS world, for some reason they seem to turn into just slight misunderstandings.   Maybe CMS misunderstood what their responsibility is to take care of patients who are in need of therapy and products to allow them to get better or have a quality of life. 

Aging at home saves the system money. So does being discharged from the hospital on time.

We’re here to stay, but we need each of you to share information with us through .  We also need you to pass the patients stories to us through People for Quality Care so we can make sure CMS and Congress knows about the flaws in the system.   Please continue to contact us through these portals and we will continue to fight to make the market a stable place for you, our member partners.