PMD Repairs for Patients When a Company is No Longer in Business

Many questions have been asked about doing repairs for power mobility devices for patients of a company that is no longer in business.   Here are some steps to follow when considering on performing repairs.

1.  Establish a medical necessity of continued need.  (Just because Medicare paid for it does not mean you are safe.)   Remember some of these still could have initial base money recouped.

2.  You can do this by having patient go back for a new face to face for medical need.

3.  Then it is recommended you get an order for the repairs.

4.  Document in detail what repairs are being done.

5.  If you can’t get confirmation of medical necessity you will need to get an ABN signed and dated with  reason for denial that medical necessity documentation could not be obtained.   You must attempt to get the information and record your efforts.

6.  Get the money up front from patient and bill Medicare with the correct modifiers including the GA that shows you have an ABN on file,

If you have any questions, contact Peggy at 800-401-3643 or email