Positive News for Beneficiaries and DME Suppliers in Kansas

For those living in Kansas needing a power wheelchair underthe Medicaid program there is some positive news regarding the change inqualification. 

To give a little background on this rule, if a beneficiaryneeded a power wheelchair, one of the qualifications was to have a signed anddated verification of school or work including the number of hours attending orworking.  This was in addition to theother qualifications that were required to meet coverage requirements.   Under the coverage guidelines andrestrictions, the rule stated “Power mobility devices were not covered if thebeneficiary does not meet the physical criteria of work or school.”  

Effective for January 1, 2103, this rule has been changeddue to the successful challenge between DRC attorneys and the State of Kansas.The DRC attorneys persuaded the State that this policy was flawed and neededchange.  Kansas eliminated theunnecessary requirement that an adult must be working or attending school to beapproved for a power wheelchair.   

This is another example of the importance to ensure accessto quality patient care. 

To read the article from the DRC newsletter, please clickhere. 

For more information, you can also contact US Rehab at800-987-7342.