Prepare Your Business for Potential CRT Accessory Cuts


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We all know that CMS plans to apply competitive bidding prices for complex rehab wheelchair accessories effective January 1, 2016. While the industry is doing everything we can to fight these cuts, we still need to prepare for the worst. What have you done to prepare your business and your patients?

Here are some resources to help you prepare your business. Also, make sure to watch your inbox for a series of information on the potential cuts, how you can prepare your business, and how you can evolve your business if the cuts are put into place.


HR 3229 / S 2196 Bullet Points:Feel free to use this information to explain to your Representative or Senators how CRT accessory cuts will affect your business.

Beneficiary Explanation Letter: This is an informational sheet you can provide to Medicare beneficiaries explaining reimbursement cuts and why accessories may cost more

Beneficiary Explanation Letter for Rural Rollout

People For Quality Care: Point your clients here to message their Senators and Representatives

Webinar: Prepare Yourself and Your Clients for Upcoming CRT Accessory Cuts

Presenter: Dan Fedor, Director of Compliance, VGM and U.S. Rehab, Friday, December 4 | 10 a.m. CST

January 1, 2016 Medicare DMEPOS fee schedule amounts: Updated December 2015

Wheelchair Accessory Impact Calculator: this calculator was developed to help providers estimate the potential revenue impact of the Medicare payment cuts. It has not been updated with the 2016 fee schedule but does list the CRT accessories included in competitive bid rates.