Rehab Industry Joins Forces To Stop Power Mobility Benefit Reductions

On October 2, 2006 CMS published the new fee schedules for Medicare Power Mobility Devices (PMDs) to go into effect on November 15, 2006. This follows the release of the revised Local Coverage Determination, Product Classification List and the newest version of the 64 HCPCs codes for PMDs. The proposed and drastic 30% to 40% reduction in reimbursement, along with the restrictive coverage criteria, will limit and deny access to medically appropriate power mobility and technology for Medicare beneficiaries. These cuts will prove to be damaging for most providers and non-absorbant for many.

For some time now, the industry has seen a coming together of the minds in order to combat these drastic cuts designed to eliminate proper service and equipment to those who need it most. Numerous individuals, manufacturers and associations including: VGM/U.S. Rehab, NCART, RATC, The MED Group, RESNA, NRRTS and several prominent vendors have been diligently working together to fight this latest effort by CMS that threatens our industry as we know it today.

These issues must be promptly addressed and with a fervor like never seen before. The next 35 days are critical and need to be the #1 focus of everyone involved in rehab today. It’s time to get involved! It’s time to get your referral sources, clinicians and beneficiaries involved! We need the help from everyone to make this happen!

To help you, U.S. Rehab has put together a pool of information and the tools to help you get our message out to all concerned. Remember, these tools are only effective if utilized. It’s up to all of us to make the effort and let our voices be heard. Time is of the essence.

Fee Schedule
Product Classification List
DC Link (write to your elected officials and CMS)
Talking Points
Comparison of Group 2 Pricing
Comparison of Group 3 Pricing
Sample Letter for Congress and CMS
Detailed Call to Action
Request for Congressional Support
White paper for ensuring Medicare Beneficiary Access to Power Mobility