Reminder for Using Not Otherwise Classified (NOC) HCPCs codes

Reminder for narrative information needed for Not Otherwise Classified (NOC) HCPC codes, for example K0108, E1399, L8499, etc.  In order to avoid a CO-16 denial, be sure to include the necessary information on your claim which is:

  • Product name
  • Make/Model of Item
  • MSRP

This information needs to be included on the NTE 2400 field of electronic claims or in box 19 of the paper claim form.  The field is limited to 80 characters so be sure to use the appropriate abbreviations.  Effective May 1, 2013, if you do not include the necessary information listed above, you will receive a CO-16 denial with reason code N350 which means, “Missing, incomplete, invalid description of service for a Not Otherwise Classified (NOC) code.”

If you have further questions, please contact US Rehab at 800-987-7342.