REVALIDATION what you need to know

Every supplier who enrolled in Medicare prior to March 25, 2011 will need to revalidate (formally called reenrollment)

Timeline from CMS for contractors to complete this task has been extended to  3/23/2015

You will receive a revalidation letter & then:

1. send in a new 855S form to the NSC (National Supplier Clearing House) WHEN you receive a revalidation letter request from the NSC (Palmetto GBA)

2. You will have to pay $505.00 application fee on CMS web site

3. There will be new screenings applied according to how long you have been billing / have you a history of complaints/ have you changed product lines/ has your billing increased rapidly for any specific area etc.

There is an online option PECOS for DME Providers (which is having a lot of problems or you can send this in hard copy as you have done in the past.

You must make sure all accreditation is updated

Insurance forms are correct and information is noted

Surety bonds OK

Any state or city licenses that are required are update (renewed)

REMEMBER if you have had “ANY” changes you are required to notify the NSC within 30 days of change.

Ownership / managing employees / adding new product line (that you accreditation body has reviewed)

Some revalidation letters have already been sent out and you can find out if yours has been sent by going to  (also includes a sample of a revalidation letter)

If your name is on this list but you do not have a letter you should contact customer service at the NSC   866 238 9652.  

Any questions please call Peggy Walker

800-401-3643 or e-mail at