Revision to Wheelchair Seating Medical Policy

The DME MACs are updating the Wheelchair Seating medical policy by adding the following coverage indications to the medical necessity:  Arthrogryposis, osteogenesis imperfecta, spinocerebellar disease and transverse myelitis to the list of covered conditions for skin protection seat cushions.  The ICD-9 codes are 323.82, 334.0-334.9, 728.3, 754.89, 756.51 which support medical necessity for HCPCs codes E2603-E2604, E2622, and E2623.  The added revision goes into effect May 1, 2013.

The additions to the medical necessity coverage of this policy are the result of a team working together to get this accomplished; the team includes Jurisdicton D Rehab team, Elizabeth Cole and Peggy Walker from US Rehab, and David McCausland from The ROHO Group.  A special thank you to all those involved with this project.