Same and Similar Update

Same and Similar Update:

Suppliers can now contact the provider contact center to obtain same and similar information for ALL HCPCS codes that are not available on the IVR system.  You can do this without the beneficiary providing verbal or written authorization.  This includes HCPCS codes beginning with the letters A, L, or V as well as the following: 

   Diabetic Supplies

   External Breast Prosthesis

   Eye Prosthesis

   Facial Prosthesis

   Knee Orthosis

   Lower Limb Prosthesis

   Orthotic Footwear

   Refractive Lenses

   Spinal Orthosis: Thoracic–Lumbar-Sacral Orthosis (TLSO) and Lumbar-Sacral Orthosis (LSO)

   Surgical Dressings

   Therapeutic Shoes for Diabetics

   Tracheotomy Supplies

   Urological Supplies

   Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator (TENS) Supplies