VGM Group recently launched a new initiative designed to help independent DME and complex rehab providers fight for greater transparency and oversight of CMS independent audit contractors. These audits are negatively impacting patient care and business operations for many independently owned DME and complex rehab providers, and are ultimately being overturned at an alarming rate upon appeal.

Speak4 dme.com was created after I and other VGM Group staff members met with several members of Congress. They told us every member of Congress needs to hear stories from businesses in their district about the egregious and largely unregulated audits being performed by CMS audit contractors.

Speak4 dme.com has a simple goal — to provide independent DME and complex rehab providers a platform to tell their stories about the negative impact audits are having on their ability to do business and properly treat their patients. Independent DME and complex rehab providers need to take a stand against an audit system that is forcing many independent DME and complex rehab providers out of business and leading to substandard patient care.

STAND UP and SPEAK OUT! Many people have already expressed interest in getting involved and the number continues to grow. Join the fight at www.speak4dme.com. Watch videos of other independent providers, and then make a commitment to join us. VGM Group is committed.

What are you willing to do?

VGM Group’s Pledge – to follow up with those willing to “speak for DME,” assemble a letter outlining the specific DME and complex rehab provider stories and facilitate communications with elected officials and key staff members in Congress.

Now is the time. I implore you to share speak4dme.com with others via email or social media networks. Together we can make positive change happen!

Yours truly,

Ron Bendell

President, VGM & Associates, Ltd.