Update to the 5010A1 Edits

The Entity Identifier Code (EIC) of “PE” (Payee) received in the 5010A1 edits and shown on the 5010A1 Edit Spreadsheets provided by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) will be replaced with the value of “87” (Pay-To-Provider). The edits will change to reflect the value “87” beginning on July 31, 2011. The CMS Edit Spreadsheets will not reflect this change until the release of the January 2012 spreadsheets. The edits that will be affected are listed below:






The 999 and 277CA edit spreadsheets are maintained by CMS and are posted to their Web site http://www.cms.gov at the following link http://www.cms.gov/MFFS5010D0/20_TechnicalDocumentation.asp.

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