U.S. Rehab and Member Jayhawk Pharmacy meet with Kansas Senator Moran over Easter break

US Senator Jerry Moran (R-KS) was the keynote speaker at a luncheon sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce in Topeka, KS on April 27th. Greg Packer and Tom Powers from US Rehab/VGM traveled to Topeka to attend the event with Cathy Conlin and Lacey Hamblet of J-Hawk Pharmacy.

Senator Moran spoke about the federal budget, plans to address the federal deficit, Medicare’s long term solvency and patient care before taking questions from the audience.

After the luncheon, we were able to speak one-on-one with Senator Moran about Competitive Bidding and, much to our surprise; he was well versed on our issue. He stated to us his belief that patient care and access would be impacted, especially in rural areas, and that Competitive Bidding must be stopped and ultimately repealed. The Senator also showed interest in a Senate companion bill to HR 1041, The Fairness in Medicare Bidding Act. US Rehab/VGM plans to send a letter and follow up with Senator Moran’s Health staff person, Brian Perkins, to see if we can start a movement in the Senate to repeal this tragically flawed Competitive Bidding policy.

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