U.S. Rehab Invites Your Support for Rehab Carve Out & Cost Study

NCART inititiatives to support and protect our industry have been costly to maintain. In order to further the cause and be as effective as possible, your help is needed now more than ever. U.S. Rehab is asking all members to step up and join the fight.

March 2008


Dear Rehab Stakeholder,

The Rehab Industry is under siege and we need to accelerate our efforts to communicate and document the Rehab story in order to protect access for those children and adults that rely on these products and services. In that regard NCART is focusing on two critical projects:

  1. Get legislation passed this year to exempt Complex Rehab from Medicare National Competitive Bidding. To facilitate this, we need to secure the services of a Washington, DC lobbying and PR firm that will require $100,000.

  2. Obtain an independent research study documenting the activities, costs, and benefits of rehab and assistive technology. To fund this we need to raise $75,000 this year and $75,000 in 2009 for a total of $150,000.

While these two projects are critical, with a total estimated cost of $250,000, they can not be undertaken without the financial support of everyone that has an interest in the Rehab arena. This includes national associations, providers, manufacturers, and RTSs. We need to raise these funds now so we can move ahead and be better equipped to fight the Rehab battle.

We need YOUR support!

Please complete the attached Contribution Form and send in with your check payable to NCART. For additional information or questions, contact Sharon Hildebrandt, NCART Executive Director, at sharonh@ncart.us or at 202-776-0652.

Thanks for investing in the future of Rehab at this most critical time!


Sharon L. Hildebrandt
Executive Director, NCART

Contribution Card