U.S. Rehab Questions the Validity of the OIG Power Wheelchair Report

A recently released report from the OIG regarding documentation from power wheelchair claims indicated that “60 percent of Medicare claims for standard and complex rehabilitation power wheelchairs that beneficiaries received in the first half of 2007 did not meet one or more documentation requirements”……

Error rates ranged from 1 percent of claims for which the suppliers did not submit proof of delivery to 40 percent of claims for which the supporting documentation and detailed product descriptions were not submitted or were incomplete. Two out of five power wheelchair claims had multiple errors”. The report also indicates that “power wheelchair claims that did not meet all documentation requirements accounted for $112 million in improper Medicare payments, out of $189 million total allowed by Medicare during the 6-month period”. We believe this information is misleading and flawed considering the time period from which the claims were taken.

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