Very Very Important Please Read and Make sure you Staff understands

NSC Mailing Revalidation Letters in Yellow…

Suppliers should receive a letter in a bright yellow envelope.  It is not a certified letter, only regular mail.  If the supplier does not respond to the letter, on or about day 56 after the letter was sent Medicare follows up with two separate calls to the supplier with each call documented, including the date of the call and person notified.

If you have a Medicare provider number, and want to keep it, be absolutely certain that everyone on your staff is aware that the National Supplier Clearinghouse (NSC) is mailing letters indicating that it is your turn to “revalidate” your supplier enrollment is bright yellow envelopes. These notifications are sent by ordinary first class mail and are occasionally mistaken for junk mail. A lack of response is supposed to produce two attempts to contact the company by telephone at around 56 days after the letter was mailed.

The lack of an appropriate response will cause your provide number to be deactivated, and corrective action after that point can be very expensive, especially in terms of delayed cash flow.