VGM and U.S. Rehab partner with Dream Software

Dream, VGM Partner for Audit Solution

VGM offers members discounts of HME prescription, documentation system that safeguards against audits.

By David Kopf

Dec 15, 2011

Software maker Dream Software and VGM Group Inc., have joined to help

providers standardize prescription and documentation of HME medical

necessity as a safeguard against audits.

Offered to VGM members at a discount, Dream’s software incorporates

electronic prescription and automated documentation functionality that

helps providers process and document every patient identically and

consistently, which can benefit them in the case of audits. The software

requires that all supporting documentation be provided before delivery.

E-prescribing HME reduces physicians’ staff time by more than 65

percent, compared to paper.

The Dream system’s Medicare rules engine ensures that all coverage

criteria and supporting documentation are present.   If one provider

passes an audit, then all providers pass because the software ensures

that all patients were processed identically.

“With everything that HME providers are facing, audits are an immediate

threat,” noted Ron Bendell, president of VGM & Associates, Ltd.

“CMS’s ‘bounty hunters’ have little regard for differentiating between

clerical errors and true fraudulent activity.  Dream Software offers a

solution to help ensure that the  i’s are dotted and the t’s are


“We are proud to be associated with VGM and applaud their dedication to their membership,” said Dream CEO Mickey Letson.

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